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Steven, male, bi, 44yo, 192 cm, 83 kg,
nude only, dig size 3-5 x 18 cm

available for

– foto
– film

Work Levels
Art Nude
Art Fetish
Erotic Fetish
Open Leg
Anal Insertions
BB Soft
BB Hard – Protected
BB Hard – Certed
BG Soft
BG Hard – Protected
BG Hard – Certed
POV Soft
POV Hard

Easy to work with.
Get me your interest conditions,
content contract/agreement
and shooting date/time.

Open to anything as long as it deals with nudity and legal adult stuff!

– TFP (free to use or rights in exchange)
– paid (one time or percental on each selling life time)
– synergetic benefit (long time contract or 50:50 on each earnings/selling)

Due to 3rd lockdown, any physical service with direct contact currently is stopped again and will continue, when its allowed again.
But I am available as nude model for photoshooting and softcore film, cause here is no physical contact



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