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.Be welcome to your Erotic Healing !

I am offering 6 different erotic experiences to satisfy your desire and cure your erotic needs for any gender and any sex – hetero, bi, gay – women, ts, men, couples and groups.

Basically my service is full nude only, cause i am working with full body parts as fingers, hands, arms, body, face, nose, tongue and my dig.

Just join my service with:

1. erotic healing
(Its an experience of body, mind and soul for erotic healing)

This service is best for beginners who like to start slowly with nude body-to-body contact, touching, cuddeling, body kisses and classical petting.

2. erotic massages
(enjoy only nude body contact or erotic massages + opt. a/p bi sex service)

This service is best for advanced who likes to feel and enjoy deep emotions; best pleased mind and sexual desire by touching erogene zones and sexual contact without penetration..

3. erotic services
(pure oral, intimate, anal + a/p bi sex services)

This service is best for profis who likes deep sexual penetration to fullfill their sexual needs with direct sex.

4. erotic cooking
(nude cooking – dining together – erotic massages and opt. a/p bi sex service)

This service is best for gourmets who like to feel taste on every level of body and mind feeling to increase erotic feelings for holistic organism – an esxperience for body and soul to create an erotic atmosphere and plunge into ecstasy of senses.

5. erotic model
(full nude model, sc/hc model, gb model, body part model and ‘nude + sex buddy’ model)

This service is best for people who have an individual fetish for special sexual fullfilment to please their sexual needs by watching me in nude and sexual action for erotic private use or comercial production for selling content – as voyeur only, porn cameraman, porn regisseur or porn producer – currently i offer 5 individual possibilities.

6. nonnude event escort
(The onliest nonnude service in white cloth or dark grey pinestripe)

This service is best for people who need a male accompany on their event or dinner without being alone and have a discussion partner, but without any sexual intentions.

I hope you enjoyed reading my virtual offers to you – now choose your reality with me!

Come and join my service – see all details on websites!

Be welcome in the Netherlands for serving!

Booking via website.


T.: +49-178-1763953
eMail: EroMassagen4u[a]

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